Hi, I'm John!

 I’m passionate about leading marketers, developers, and designers to create usable products, campaigns, and websites that move businesses forward.

With 10+ years of experience, I’m an Expert in UX/UI, CRO, Digital Marketing, SEO, Martech, Performance Marketing, Copywriting, Data Analytics, Product Design, Product Marketing, Project management, and more.

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Recent Case Studies

Thought Leadership

Videos Ad Campaigns

UX/UI Projects

Below are a few UX/UI projects I managed, designed and created as the lead product designer.
Want to know more about the UX side and research related to these projects? Let’s talk during our interview. I’d love to nerd out with you on the details. 

Digital Ads

Here are some ads I’ve created for a full-funnel strategy.
Do you want to know the down and dirty behind the strategy, performance, and data? Yes, well let’s talk! 

I also know PPC, Programmatic, CTV, OTT, SMM and more… 

--->About Me <---

By nature, I’m an inquisitive data-driven polymath who likes to nerd out on everything marketing-related. 

I’m also a workprenuer who loves to dive into projects with friends and work on business ideas that move the world forward. 

I’m blessed to be a father, I  love rock climbing, DJing, and producing house music.

And even though I’m slightly more introverted than extroverted, I enjoy public speaking and thought leadership about marketing.

I prefer to work remotely but love the collaboration with teams. 

Overall, I’m looking for a progressive organization that is future-forward and loves seeing growth. 

I have a proven track record of making millions in revenue for the companies I’ve worked with and if your company is the right fit, I’d love to do that for your organization too.