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In 2021 we designed, launched, and marketed our mobile app. Our key business objectives were to collect first-party data and drive payments and new applications. In our first six months of launching, we drove the following: 

  • 200k+ app downloads 
  • 4.7 rating on the app store 
  • Drove 61,000+ payments
  • Drove 36,966+ new applications

As the senior product manager, I ensured the app development met user and stakeholder needs while accomplishing business goals. Within 6m, we accomplished our KPIs and had over 25% of our customers utilizing our mobile app regularly. 

We even saw a shift in user preferences of online customers who preferred the mobile app to make online payments. 

One user even said this:  

“I find the app easy to use in varied ways. With the app, you can check your loan status, see exactly how much is applied to the principal and interest, and know your balance at a glance. You can check for loan offers and apply if you need. I also like that you can check your credit rating anytime you like. I find the entire app easy to use and most helpful. Well done.”

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Before launching the app, we prototyped it, conducted user research, and ran user testing to ensure it would be functional for all our customer personas. We even did journey mapping to ensure their collective needs were met.”  

All in all, our app is a success and continues to be so. We met user needs and accomplished our key business initiatives.

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