35 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Before You Hit Send

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35 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Before You Hit Send | The Copy Cartel

You can improve your email marketing by referring to this 35-point checklist. Whether it’s for content or dedicated sales, you want your emails to run like a well oiled machine. That means all of its relevant parts should work in harmony. It’s the key to getting ranked, recognized and whitelisted by email service providers and your users. So here’s 35 ways to improve your email marketing before you hit send.

The 35-Point Checklist

  1. Segment your lists into appropriate categories 
  2. Keep the theme of your emails relevant to your business and brand
  3. Make sure your email is either tailored for entertainment, education, or dedicated sales
  4. Address your email as if it’s for one person or multiple people when appropriate
  5. Make sure your link is appropriately placed in relevant areas (body, sign off, CTA)
  6. Verify your links are working and redirect to the correct destination or landing pages
  7. Keep track of the actions your audience takes on your email
  8. Use current events or pop-culture to make your emails more funny and relevant
  9. Ensure your subject line is descriptive and compelling (36-50 characters or 5-8 words in length)
  10. Keep a swipe file of subject lines with high open rates
  11. Keep your “from line” consistent or relevant to the campaign (random senders can confuse your list and lead to getting reported as spam)
  12. Make sure the content of the email is relevant and appropriate to your list expectations
  13. Avoid words and phrases that lead to spam such as “financial freedom” or “FREE”
  14. Use words that have an emotional, descriptive, and powerful impact
  15. Make your offers irresistible or compelling for emails dedicated to sales
  16. Attach a VALID sense of urgency and scarcity to weed out non-buyers
  17. Write in a friendly and conversational manner in your emails
  18. Use curiosity and reward readers with benefits for opening your emails
  19. Avoid click-bait subject lines that rely on cheap emotional triggers such as “fear” or “greed” just to get opens
  20. Keep the personality of your brand relevant and consistent
  21. Avoid being too clever or trying too hard to be funny, use humor but don’t overdo it
  22. Speak your audience’s language (use their words, phrases, and slang)
  23. Avoid boring writing (use metaphors, ideas, and relevant news to incorporate in your emails)
  24. Read your emails out loud to make reading easier for your audience
  25. Fix grammatical mistakes
  26. Keep your sentences short and punchy
  27. Stick to the “one problem and one solution” format when applicable
  28. Re-send and re-engage your emails to a segregated list of un-opens
  29. Test different subject lines for the same engagement or sales email
  30. Make sure your “unsubscribe” button is clear and easy to see in your emails
  31. Proofread your email
  32. Make sure your emails are responsive on all mobile and desktop devices (72% of people read their emails on their smartphones)
  33. Test your emails to verify they are delivered to your inbox
  34. Review your preheader and make sure it looks good on various providers
  35. Run your emails through a spam checker with your email marketing service

How to Remember 35 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing

Yes, that’s a lot to remember.

You probably won’t remember or apply all 35 of these necessary tips. But they are still important and need to live in your head. To ensure that, make sure you:

  • Bookmark this page on The Copy Cartel.
  • Print out this list and keep it where you can see at all times
  • Share this with your fellow co-workers or employees like a Netflix subscription

Until then, stay blessed.


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