11 Surefire Bullet Formulas to Improve Your Copywriting and Sales!

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Thinking of bullet formulas for copywriting

Do you want to convert your prospects into sales? If so, you’ve likely come across the concept of sales copy bullet formulas. And if not, that’s OK. 

Bullet points are those little dotted lists you see everywhere from amazon product pages, sales letters, email teasers, and more. And since 79% of people scan text before they read word-by-word, bullet points are pretty useful tools

But how do you structure them?

Like a car, copy is best assembled in parts. 

So, if you have a formula, you can save yourself hours of madness with a few sound tips.

Luckily for you, The Copy Cartel has that! 

Below are 11 sure-fire bullet formulas to help you write and reload the bullets in your sales copy: 

  1. How-To: “How to make a dazzling crystal necklace that glistens in the sun recharging your energy without any tools in minutes.”

  2. What To Never: “What to never do when writing your sales letter and why.”

  3. The Tootsie Slide: “What to never do when writing your sales letter and why. (If you do this, people will never buy from you.)”

    Note: Combine this with any bullet formula but slides to a parenthetical about what will happen if you don’t act.

  4. Right? Wrong!: “When running ads, you should always direct your traffic to a landing page, right? Wrong! Find out why when you download our new ebook.”

  5. Reciprocity: “Give me 5 mins and I’ll show 10 ways to improve your sales letter every time.”

  6. Hook & Sinker: 90% of online businesses fail. “Here is how to make sure this never happens to you.”

  7. The If-then: “If you have money to run ads online then you have the ability to start a successful ecommerce business.”

  8. The Truth: “The truth about starting your own business – and it’s probably not what you think.”

  9. The Single Most: “The single most important thing to do to increase your click-through rate on your Facebook ads today.”

  10. The Secret: “7 secrets expert copywriters don’t want you to know; finally revealed!”

  11. Do You: “Do you remember the time when you fell in love? “If you don’t, your relationship is in jeopardy – Your honeymoon phase could come to an end.”

Now, you are armed with 11 surefire formulas to write effective sales copy bullets and keep you from getting writer’s block. 

I hope you enjoyed that article! 

Drop your favorite bullet formulas in the comments below. 

Cheers M8 


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