Why are bullet points an important tool for convincing prospects to buy?

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It’s simple, bullet points make your writing easy to scan. 

Did you know in 1997, Jakob Nielsen did a study that found that 79% of people scanned a new page of text versus read it? 

And with 4000 blog posts being published every minute, can you blame them? 

That’s why you need to make sure your content is scannable. And bullet points are an awesome tool to help you do that. 

When bullet points are used with concise, clear, and direct messages, they can help increase your readability by up to 124% vs laden promotional copy. 

I dunno about you but I’ll take it. 

Bullets points are also helpful to: 

  • grab people’s attention so you can connect quickly with their wants and desires
  • convey information quickly and clearly so you can make the most out of your prospects’ attention
  • sum up information that makes it easier for people to make a decision so you can sell faster
  • break down complex ideas so the prospect can understand your value proposition and positioning.
  • highlight features and the benefits which can help you make more conversions.

If you want to improve the effectiveness of your copywriting, be sure to incorporate bullets where you can get your message across quickly and concisely. Bullets are a great way of condensing a lot of information in a short space to make it easier to read and understand.

When should you use bullet points? 

You can use bullet points when you want to draw attention quickly so readers can identify key features and benefits. You can also use bullets to utilize the whitespace on the page that helps break down your content easily.

Bullet points are commonly used to: 

  • give instructions 
  • present a list of facts 
  • uncover features and benefits 
  • arouse curiosity

What are a few tips for writing bullets points that work? 

When you use bullet points, keep them short and concise. Brevity is key but make sure your bullets are symmetrical! (Symmetry is beautiful in all cultures and in copy too.) 

Be sure to also express them with a clear benefit in mind. (This tells your audience why they should care.) And last but not least, avoid mixing sentences with phrases.

Bullet points are a great way to simplify an idea and build curiosity. Check out how Ray Edwards does it with these three simple formulas:

1. How To: “How to lose weight three times faster without ever feeling hungry or deprived”

2. The Secret They Don’t Want You To Know: “The secret to getting 60 mpg that big oil companies don’t want you to know”

3. The Single Most…That Even: “The single most effective method of reversing heart disease that even Harvard-trained physicians have never heard about”

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