Three Sales Mechanics that Improve Your Direct Response Marketing

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Three Sales Mechanics that Improve Your Direct Response Marketing | The Copy Cartel

Unless you’re an established and evil monopoly, you can’t force yourself on people and get them to buy what you’re selling (looking at you Comcast.) Consumers are more sophisticated than ever and less likely to respond to ads that don’t capture and hold their attention. So you need to improve your direct response marketing with these three sales mechanics.

But before we get into that…

What is Direct Response Marketing?

Direct response marketing is simply any medium that lets you reach customers directly. You basically have a conversation with them and get them to respond or take action. 

Most people think direct mail when you think of direct response but with the power of the internet, direct response marketing is now a $213 billion market and growing. 

It’s easier than ever to reach your own audience and carve up some of that market for yourself. 

Now back to improving and increasing your chances of direct response.

Use the Element of New

New is good. Because it has its uses and helps your message stand out. If you can offer a new perspective, mechanic or product, you’ll have your customer’s attention and business.

You can order from the same menu until you notice the new “quintuple heart-stopping cheeseburger.”

Just ask Apple. They’ve got the element of new on lock.

They make the same damn phone with standard improvements with each new release. Even with their ridiculous reductions in accessories such as no adapter for the iPhone 12, it still sold over a million units in less than 24 hours.

Because people just love the idea of something new.

But seriously, how do people buy a phone that doesn’t come with a charger?

Or do I need to tell you about the new PlayStation console that’s out of stock?

The point is, new releases always create a buzz and get more eyes on your product, which eventually means more sales.

But it does have its limits, as whatever is new eventually becomes old. Use the element of new accordingly.

People Respond to Funny

“I hate laughing.”

Said no one, EVER! 

Advertising doesn’t have to be as rigid as it used to be. You can inject some humor in your direct response campaigns. In fact, it’s part of the new movement that’s known as infotainment or entertaining while you inform or sell.

It adds a lot of value to your prospect. It’s no wonder master comedians make a lot of money.

Anything that can get them to smile, chuckle or bust out laughing like hysterical hyenas adds value. 

It also helps with brand awareness in addition to your sales messages.

Just check out this ad from Harmon Brothers

It’s hilarious but more importantly it sells a great product with a great offer.

While it doesn’t hurt to add laughter into people’s lives while you sell, be aware there’s always the right time and place for it.

You wouldn’t bring a stripper to a kid’s birthday party. It’ll definitely get some attention… just not the right kind of attention.

Add Helpful Information

People are always looking for the secret or solution that zooms them to the end of the finish line. Being helpful is one of the best ways to get attention.

In fact, you can’t go wrong with any headline that starts with “How to…”

Because there’s helpful information that helps someone solve a problem. When you provide helpful information in your direct response campaigns, you create hidden favors because consumers feel more inclined to purchase from you.

And even if they don’t buy from you, they still learn something from you and become more aware of your brand. So if you stay helpful on a consistent basis, that means more people will:

  • subscribe
  • sign up
  • download
  • buy (once you have an offer)

So keep warming up that list until it’s red hot.

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Can You Apply All 3?

Now if you can incorporate new, funny, and helpful information in your campaigns, you’ll definitely improve your chances of getting a response.

Stay blessed during this holiday season with family and friends!


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