How to Join the Conversation that’s Happening in Your Prospect’s Head

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It’s no secret that the key to effective marketing is to enter the conversation already happening in your prospect’s head.

Robert Collier first gave us that brilliant insight in the early 1930s and almost 90 years later those words still ring true today.

But how can we actually enter the conversation that’s happening in our prospect’s head?

What’s the Conversation About?

We have a lot of tools at our disposal that Collier didn’t have access to in the 1930s, but we can’t read minds… so how can we enter the conversation in our prospect’s mind?

Of course, you could survey your prospect… but that comes with a couple of drawbacks.

First, you have to know the right questions to ask… and if you’re having trouble connecting with your prospect already, it’s unlikely you’ll come up with the right questions that allow your prospect to open up and be honest with you.

The second problem with surveys is that your prospect may not be aware enough of his problem to give you accurate feedback.

So how do you enter the conversation in your prospect’s mind when he isn’t even aware of the conversation going on in his own mind?

Mirror Your Thoughts with Them

Get inside your prospect’s mind through your own

The best way I know actually comes from the marketing legend and great mentor of mine, Rich Schefren.

He says whenever you feel like you aren’t connecting with your prospect on an emotional or personal level, you should remember this one phrase…

“That which is most personal is most general.”

That means that the same frustrations, fears, and insecurities you have rattling around in your head right now are very similar to the fears, frustrations, and insecurities that are rattling around in your prospects’ minds.

So use them!

It’s the easiest and most effective way I know to get inside your prospect’s mind.

First get inside your own mind, then simply share your own problems and describe how your product was the solution.

This easy one-two punch combo will help you connect with your prospect on a deeper level and will result in more sales for your business. Use it to enhance your sales and marketing messages. 

Your bottom line will thank you.


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Barry Brown

Barry Brown

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