How to Become a Rich Expert and Deliver Value Daily

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How to Become a Rich Expert and Deliver Value Daily | The Copy Cartel

If you want to become rich or never worry about money again, you need to become an expert that delivers value daily. And remember people only buy what they value. And what’s the best and fastest way to become rich? Well, that depends on how smart and fast you work. Or you can get lucky. But we’re not waiting on luck at The Copy Cartel. So here’s how to become a rich expert and deliver value daily.

Never Shut The F*ck Up About What You Do

Whatever your passion or skill is, never shut the f*ck up about it! Share it with the world and demonstrate your passion or skills for the world to see. 

Do it on a consistent basis and do it well.

Make sure you:

  • create products and services that are quality, in demand and have value 
  • use your platform where people can see you (your website, social media, forums, etc)
  • post and share at optimal times
  • advertise to reach your audience (The Copy Cartel can help you with this)

Remember, whatever you do must make the a market say: 

  • damn, I’m glad they made this!  
  • I’ve got to share this now!
  • I have to have this!
  • yep, I need this!
  • you’re really good at that, can you show me how?

You want them to become raving fans and buyers. And buyers only know you exist if you put yourself out there. 

That’s because never shutting the f*ck up about what you do gives you visibility, leverage, and reputation. This will position you as an expert.

Build an Impressive Track Record

Now you can talk about how much you know and what you do. But you still have to walk the talk.

Don’t stress.

Just because you’re a beginner or don’t have much experience doesn’t mean you can’t create something valuable. So as you learn a valuable skill, make sure you apply and demonstrate it

Learn from the experts and take the knowledge they gave you and improve upon it. For example, you can learn how to write a sales letter like this.

Then turn it into a valuable product/service.

Then promote and sell that valuable product/service until it has an incredible track record. A track record is simply success (or failure) you can assess with numbers or reputation. 

And the reason why an impressive track record is so valuable is because it helps you sell yourself without even trying. That means more money.

For example:

  • copywriter Rick Bayan sold a over million copies of Words That Sell
  • Michael Jordan has six NBA championships
  • Facebook has 2.7 billion users.

A good track record is your proof of undeniable success and value. That means more opportunities for people who want to work with you.

So think of ways you can quantify your value, it doesn’t have to be Michael Jordan or Facebook levels either (not yet, anyways.) 

You can demonstrate value by using a good track record in your resumes, cover letters, or business. For example, if you have great reviews or testimonials, that can work great as well. 

Remember, everything great now started with humble beginnings and even with a little bit of luck.

But if you need some help demonstrating your value and track record for your product/service, The Copy Cartel can add more pure profits straight to your business with just the power of the words. 

We’re a team of Google Certified marketers and copywriters that specialize in: 

  • SEO strategy and optimization
  • customer acquisition
  • affiliate marketing
  • campaign ads and creatives 

You can work with us here.

Stay Blessed.


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