How to Avoid Perfectionism and Pursue Excellence with Action

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How to Avoid Perfectionism and Pursue Excellence with Action | The Copy Cartel

Ethical entrepreneurship, when executed successfully, is the pursuit of excellence.

Every ethical entrepreneur is on a mission to bring as much value to the marketplace as possible.

The more value you can bring to the marketplace, the more profit potential you’ll have.

There are several different ways to create real and perceived value, but for the ethical entrepreneur, the surest route to success is the pursuit of excellence.

Unfortunately, too many entrepreneurs let their pursuit of excellence morph into the fruitless pursuit of perfectionism.

The pursuit of perfection can feel like a worthwhile endeavor. If you rationalize it enough, you start to think it’s possible to achieve excellence.

But in reality, it’s a waste of time and effort.

The pursuit of perfection actually prevents you from bringing value to the marketplace.

And if you aren’t bringing value to your market, you are failing as an entrepreneur.

Avoid the pitfall of perfectionism at all costs by focusing on the pursuit of excellence instead.

Excellence Only Requires That You Do One Thing

Take action.

It doesn’t have to be the perfect action.

The timing doesn’t have to be perfect.

You don’t need the perfect reason. 

It doesn’t matter if you fail because you only have to succeed once.

But you’ll never give yourself the chance to succeed or fail if you let yourself get stuck in the perfectionist’s trap.

Here’s the truth about perfectionists – if you call yourself a perfectionist, listen closely to what I’m about to tell you…

You Aren’t a Perfectionist, You’re Just Scared…

Scared to put yourself out there and get the feedback you need to make yourself better…

Scared of whatever success or failure is waiting for you once you bring your product/service to market…

Scared of embarrassing yourself in front of the people who doubted your entrepreneurial dream…

Whatever the root cause of your fear may be, understand that you are using the pursuit of perfection to feed that fear.

It feels like you’re doing the right thing because you can rationalize your behavior by saying things like, “my product/service will be even more valuable if…”

That way you feel like you’re still creating value.

In reality, you’ve let your fear blind you. You’ve lost sight of the bigger picture.

Entrepreneurship Isn’t About Perfectionism…

It’s about bringing value to the market.

Perfectionists get so caught up in doing the thing right that they lose sight of the bigger picture…

Which is to always do the right thing.

And in this case, the right thing to do is to take action whenever you have to.

Do the thing that will move you closer to your goals, learn from the results, and keep moving forward.

Develop a bias for taking action and learning from the results.

That’s how you pursue excellence. 

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