Be-Do-Have: The Mindset New Entrepreneurs Should Practice

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Have-Do-Be vs Be-Do-Have: The Thinking Mistake You Should Avoid | The Copy Cartel

The number one problem most entrepreneurs have doesn’t have anything to do with marketing, acquiring customers, or hiring the right staff. It’s actually something much more fundamental.

Many entrepreneurs just haven’t taken the time to develop the right mindset and mental models that lead to success.

Put simply, most entrepreneurs don’t know how to think effectively.

It isn’t something they teach you in school because you don’t need to learn how to think to be just another cog in the economic machine…

But if you want to build your own machine, you have to know how to think effectively.

Otherwise, your business will fall apart.

A lot of what I do as a consultant is helping entrepreneurs develop these mental models and frameworks so that they can achieve the results they want.

One of the most fundamental yet powerful models is the Be-Do-Have model.

It’s simple. It works like this.

Be the leader your market needs.

Do what your market needs them to do.

And you will have all the perks and privileges of being a leader in your market.


First, you must be… Then, you must do… Then finally, you will have.

It’s simple, but very few people actually consciously practice this.

Many people fall into the trap of Have-Do-Be thinking.

They say things like, “If I just had the capital to launch this new product, I could 10X my revenue  and would finally be the leader in my market.”

That’s literally backward thinking.

It would be more effective for you to say things to yourself like “what can I do to be the leader my market needs? What kind of products/services does my market need me to provide? How can I use this 10x revenue to provide better products/services to my market?”

Making these small changes in your thinking will help you become a more effective entrepreneur.

You’ll ask better questions, make better decisions, and bring better solutions to the marketplace.

Do whatever you can to practice more Be-Do-Have thinking in your business and personal life.


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Barry Brown

Barry Brown

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